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Partnering with Lucid


Professional Services Practices are in a unique position in their relationships with their clients, due to the detailed and highly confidential work undertaken. At Lucid we have found that this relationship can often lead to the trusted lawyer or accountant becoming aware of a client’s upcoming projects. Where those projects have funding needs, then a partnership with Lucid allows your practice to confidently involve us, in the knowledge that we have access to a variety of funding sources who prefer to work with strong gate-keepers, like us.





How we can help your clients


Our funders come in a broad variety of shapes and sizes, including:

  • ultra-high net worth investors

  • Family Offices

  • investment funds

  • large pension funds

  • sovereign funds

This range gives us agility in meeting clients’ needs.


The key to our success is understanding the main criteria of target investments for all of our funding partners, by sector, size, stage, and geography. This is knowledge that requires constant updating, as it can vary over short periods of time, as our funders respond to waxing and waning market opportunities. Focusing on the requirements of our funding partners allows us to concentrate on projects for which we already have a potential funder, or funders, in place. An initial case review on behalf of your client will tell us whether their project is in an area that would currently be of interest.





Current target investments


The areas listed below are ones we know our funding partners will currently be keen to hear about;


  • Large scale development finance projects internationally with costs in excess of £20m, though this can involve a bundling of projects. Will look across sectors

  • Food production, worldwide, especially dietary switch, from early-stage with a minimum investment of €3m

  • Clean technology, worldwide, ideally looking for projects in revenue with a minimum investment of €3m

  • Education technology, again worldwide and looking for projects in revenue with a minimum investment of €3m

  • Software or data projects with a minimum viable product.

But as this is an ever-changing picture, we are always happy to consider high-quality projects on behalf of your clients.